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Using TrendMD article
recommendations, you will:

Find interesting articles to advance your work and help others.

Make new connections between disciplines -
find articles in journals you may not regularly read.

Discover new developments in your field and related disciplines.

Select articles from the world’s leading
peer-reviewed journals and research news from our publishing partners.

How we recommend

TrendMD recommendations are based on collaborative filtering – similar to Amazon, Netflix, and Pandora or Spotify – and our evolving algorithms. We apply our approach to
vast data sets to deliver a concise set of peer-reviewed and professional articles.

What we recommend

Our recommendations are informed by what you are currently reading and what others who share related interests are also reading. Publishers display recommendations where you want them – in the article you are currently reading – across thousands of the
world’s leading journals you rely on for quality research.

Look for recommendations powered by TrendMD on millions of articles in thousands of journals from our publishing partners on the TrendMD Network.

Frequently asked questions Contact us

How much does TrendMD cost?

TrendMD can be used on your website(s) for free, indefinitely. We promote links to your content on third-party sites in the TrendMD network so long as your credit balance is above zero. You determine how much TrendMD will cost based on how many new visitors you want us to direct to your website(s). You can add to your credit balance by setting a weekly budget or by using the auto-reinvest function which uses the revenue you earn from clicks on third-party sponsored links featured on your website(s), to promote your own content. ‘In-network’ recommendations are always free. So if you want to ensure that your journal(s) get 1000 additional visitors per month, you set your weekly budget to $250 USD/week. See Additional visitors acquired for more details.

How long does the widget take to install?

As little as 10 minutes. Depending on the size of the website(s) you register with TrendMD, you either can go directly to the setup of the widget or follow the easy instructions for integrating with our API endpoint.

How does TrendMD increase my readership?

Once our widget is installed, we begin distributing links to scholarly content from your journals and blogs in the widget results of our relevant partner sites. We send a large amount of new unique visitors from many of the largest publishers to come discover, read, and cite your articles. TrendMD looks beyond just related links to help people discover, read, and cite interesting scholarly content from your journals and websites through personalized recommendations. Our recommendation algorithms continuously optimize the placements of links to your content for the right audience while readers are actively looking for something interesting to discover.

Is TrendMD compatible with my website?

All websites are compatible with the TrendMD recommendations widget because it is installed via a few lines of JavaScript that you add to your page template. Some paid content management systems will require you to contact customer support. Open source content management systems like Wordpress and OJS require the installation of the TrendMD WordPress plugin and TrendMD OJS plugin.

Does TrendMD only cover medical content?

Despite our name, TrendMD is a content recommender system currently used across all academic disciplines.

Can I track visitors with TrendMD using Google Analytics?

We updated the way we add tracking slugs to publisher sites over the course of 2016 - all publishers have been moved to the new system as of the end of January 2017. Here is how to track visitors as of January 2017.

To track visitors acquired before the switch, use the following steps:

Go to your google analytics 'Home' dashboard page and choose the journal you want to look into. Go to your dashboard viewing options on the left, scroll down then click on 'Behaviour' → 'Site content' → 'All pages'.

In the search box on the right hand side of the table, search using 'trendmd'.

Search trendmd-shared=0 for tracking TrendMD traffic within your sites.

Search trendmd-shared=1 for tracking TrendMD traffic referred to your sites from third-party sites.

To make it easier to visualize all the of the tracked content, go to the bottom of the stats table and change the number of rows.