How do I get more visitors to my site(s)?

You get new visitors to your site by when someone clicks on a link to your content on third-party sites in the TrendMD network - each visitor that clicks on a link to your content costs you 1 credit. We promote links to your content as long as your credit balance is above zero.

Your credit balance takes into account two credit sources:
  1. The credits you earn from clicks on third-party sponsored links featured on your website(s) (these are automatically used to promote your content).
  2. The credits you purchase by setting a weekly budget .

By default, all of your articles from the website(s) you register on TrendMD will be promoted across the TrendMD network at any given time if your credit balance is greater than 0. On the Professional or Enterprise plan you also have the option to sponsor or unsponsor individual articles from your websites to control which articles your credits are being spent promoting.