Tracking TrendMD traffic

Before launching your campaigns, we recommend that you have a plan in place for monitoring your KPIs (key performance indicators). If you are looking to generate leads from TrendMD users, how will you know if they converted? If you are looking to generate pageviews, how will you track pages-per-visit for TrendMD users?

Having a tracking plan in place will allow you to better assess your opportunities for increasing user engagement. With data, you are able to make educated optimization decisions - leading to increased engagement and higher ROI. Gathering data can also help you optimize future TrendMD campaigns.

By default we append UTM tracking codes to all articles contained in your campaign. However, we can append custom tracking codes based on your needs (e.g. we can append Omniture tracking codes, etc).

For more information about tracking TrendMD with Google Analytics, check out our Google Analytics How-To's.