A/B testing

After launching your campaign, you'll need to monitor your campaign metrics for guidance on which (if any) campaign elements you may want to modify.

A/B testing allows you to test two similar elements to decide if one creates more engagement than the other. For example, you could run an A/B test in which the only element you change is the title of the article. Some of the elements TrendMD allows you to A/B test are content, title, website name, geo and user targeting.

After adjusting your campaigns and determining their effectiveness, you'll need to monitor the elements to continue to improve your conversion rates. We recommend breaking your content into a series of sub-campaigns to gain more granular control and to make sure your campaigns are as optimized as possible.

You can edit your content at any time, even during a live campaign and you can A/B test so there is no time lag in testing. Talk to your TrendMD account manager to get started on A/B testing.