Understanding click-through rate (CTR)

CTR or click-through rate can help you determine a lot about your campaign, namely if your content is relevant to the people you are targeting with your campaign. Bottom line, if the reader likes your content, they will click it. But if it isn't relevant, no one will click on your content and it will be quite obvious that you need to make adjustments to one or more elements of the content in your campaign.

Content that is generating the most user interest or is the most relevant to your users (most clicks), is given the most volume by TrendMD’s algorithm. It pulls back on content that are generating less interest. Together, this ensures your budget is being allocated effectively. That said, it can take time for CTRs to increase for a newly launched campaign.

In general, the higher the CTR, the more traffic you will get on the TrendMD network. That said, you may notice that some content items receiving a higher CTR generate less traffic than content items with a lower CTR. That’s normal! TrendMD’s algorithm optimizes for CTR context, meaning – different items can have a high CTR in different contexts than others.

Contexts can be different sites, different content users are consuming, different user segments, or different platforms. There is no single item that performs best in all contexts.

Your TrendMD account manager will reach out to you if there are strategies needed to boost your campaigns CTR.