What is the overall process of installation?

Installing the TrendMD recommendations widget is easy. After getting an account created and your content indexed, your Account Manager will send you your site-specific widget code.

Setup takes as little as 10 minutes.

What will TrendMD look like once installed on my website(s)?

The TrendMD widget will automatically pick up the visual themes from your site (it will default to your existing CSS). However, both the appearance of the widget and the content presented by the widget can be fully customized.

You can also use the !important rule to alter the CSS for the widget.
Here is an example of what the widget looks like on BMJ:

What placement of the widget do you recommend?

In most cases, the widget tends to perform best if placed directly below the abstract with 2 columns or on the right hand side of the page with 1 column.

That said, we encourage you to A/B test to determine the optimal widget placement that yields the highest clickthrough rate.

We are transitioning to a redesign and a new platform, should we wait until after the transition to install TrendMD?

There is no need to wait! The TrendMD widget code works the same way regardless of platform**. It's just 2 lines of javascript in the page footer and one line of HTML where you want the widget placed on the page. Additionally, the transition does not affect any of the backend work that TrendMD does to index the content and distribute your links across the network, so you will have complete continuity that you can follow through the resulting analytics in your TrendMD dashboard. **If you are switching onto or off Wordpress, contact us!

Crawling your content

TrendMD will crawl and index your publicly available article pages on your website(s).

To make sure we don't get blocked, please whitelist our crawler IP:

Please contact your TrendMD account representative for questions or [email protected] to get started.

Wordpress Plugin

Download the zip file containing the TrendMD plugin from ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/trendmd/ )
Install the downloaded plugin in your WordPress admin dashboard by following these steps:

From the Plugins menu, click on ‘Add New’

Upload the plugin zip file by clicking ‘Upload Plugin’

Click ‘Choose file’ to upload the zip file you have just downloaded

Click ‘Install Now’

Click ‘Activate Plugin’

You will see ‘Plugin activated’ notification at the top of the page and ‘TrendMD’ will appear in the list of activated plugins