In a recent Springer Nature campaign, TrendMD outperformed Twitter in engaging website visitors and lowering the bounce rate.

TrendMD outperformed Twitter in a recent awareness campaign by Springer Nature, delivering incredibly low bounce rates. The publishing company recorded a bounce rate of 9.25% for TrendMD, while Twitter's bounce rate was 67.59%.

TrendMD's bounce rate of 9.25% demonstrates exceptional engagement, as rates below 26% are rare. The average bounce rate typically ranges from 41% to 55%.

TrendMD-referred visitors spent 2 minutes and 52 seconds on Springer Nature sites, 132% more than Twitter-referred ones. TrendMD visitors downloaded 52% more full-text PDFs.

TrendMD's network includes over 7,300 academic journals and scholarly sites, with over 600 publishers like Springer Nature. Its personalized interface effectively delivers relevant content to the right audience.

Adam Carew, the Senior Marketing Manager of the MLS portfolio at Springer Nature, recommends TrendMD as a channel to increase exposure and engagement with research papers. He explains Springer Nature is "looking forward to scaling the use of TrendMD to more portfolios."

According to Carew, TrendMD has provided an effective solution to drive high-quality traffic to the company's research articles in medicine and life sciences, fuelling the top of their marketing funnel.

TrendMD's engagement stems from personalized recommendations based on what similar users are reading. Its interface is simple, free, and highly effective at targeting the right audience.

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