The American Diabetes Association receives an 8.5% lift in traffic per month on their newly launched journals, from TrendMD's Professional Plan

The American Diabetes Association used TrendMD’s Professional Plan strategically, to boost the discoverability and readership of two of their smaller journals. Using the TrendMD widget on all four of their journals, ADA saw traffic increases of around 3% across their journals with the TrendMD widget. However, over the last three months, they have used the TrendMD Professional Plan to increase the traffic directed to two of their journals, Clinical Diabetes and Diabetes Spectrum. This targeted sponsoring (or “traffic shaping”) resulted in an average of 6.7% monthly traffic lift in Clinical Diabetes, and 8.5% traffic lift in Diabetes Spectrum, while their two larger publications, Diabetes and Diabetes Care, maintained strong traffic lifts of 4.1% and 2.7% respectively.

Among the key benefits of the TrendMD Professional Plan is that it helps publishers build awareness and readership for their smaller or newly launched journals. The Professional Plan allows you to use your larger sites to boost the volume of traffic going to your smaller or newer journals to promote their content (for an overview of how we do this check out our credit system. Articles on the larger sites continue to be recommended to visitors that are already on your sites, while the links that are bringing in new visitors links exclusively to the content on journals you wish to highlight.

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This post was created with the approval and assistance of The American Diabetes Association.