First figures show 4.56% lift in Ingenta traffic and TrendMD’s sponsorship program drives 17% increase

The first figures released since Ingenta Connect and TrendMD announced their partnership in May 2016 show the immediate success that the TrendMD recommendation widget has had on driving additional traffic to Ingenta publishers’ content. TrendMD continues to demonstrate it consistently delivers online readership and visibility for scholarly publishers.

Participating publishers on Ingenta Connect have had a 4.56% lift in traffic for over the last month alone - a figure that represents over 7,200 additional visitors to their sites. 166 publishers now feature article recommendations powered by TrendMD, representing 442 websites and feature a large portion of the Social Sciences and Humanities publishers in the TrendMD network. As expected smaller publishers are benefiting most rapidly, because they see an even higher percentage increase in overall traffic due to the large network and wide interdisciplinary reach that TrendMD offers to them.

Publishers in the sponsorship program have seen even greater impact, with an average increase in traffic of 17% compared to the publishers on Ingenta not included in the sponsorship program that benefited from a 4.56% increase in the same time period. One publisher added a $50 weekly budget and boosted traffic by an average of 35% relative to a baseline of 2,438 views over the same time period. All publishers saw increases in just one week.

Ingenta Connect and TrendMD collaborated on a pilot program to understand how the TrendMD sponsorship program could increase the impact on traffic. Intended to give publishers a sense of the traffic boosting possibilities, the TrendMD sponsorship program provides free credits to publishers in addition to the credits publishers earn based on readers’ clicks on recommended articles. Credits enable publishers to promote their own content across TrendMD’s entire network, thus the more credits a publisher has, the more traffic they are able to direct to their sites. Publishers can also purchase additional credit to extend their reach by sponsoring recommendations of specific content.

“We are delighted with the impressive impact TrendMD has already had driving increased readership for publishers across the Ingenta platform. We look forward to building on this initial success. We plan to work with TrendMD and our publishing partners to extend the network rapidly and we shall encourage them to take advantage of the sponsorship pilot program. The results show TrendMD recommendations help readers discover more journal articles directly related to their interests.” Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta.

To find out more about how TrendMD is helping scholarly publishers to increase engagement with their existing readership, while also attracting a new audience, please contact us.