Referred visitors from TrendMD Network read 2.2 articles per session and 38% download full-text articles

TrendMD has partnered with Ingenta to offer millions of readers improved discoverability to scholarly research on the Ingenta Connect platform. The integration enables readers on the TrendMD Network to find more content directly relevant to their immediate interest and helps Ingenta’s publisher partners grow their online readership. Readers discovered and clicked on over 10,000 articles from the TrendMD recommendation widget during each month of a pilot period.

Visitors from TrendMD’s recommendations are highly engaged. They viewed 2.2 articles per session and 38% also downloaded full text articles. Visitors also return again to read more. Over 15% returned to content on Ingenta Connect within thirty days. We evaluated baseline traffic for a month and found article usage increased by 5% overall during the Ingenta Connect pilot.

Referred visitors also spent 71% more time on page after the pilot period, another signal of reader engagement and relevance of TrendMD article recommendations. The TrendMD recommendation widget delivered over 7.5 million article impressions to content on Ingenta Connect during the pilot.

We look forward to helping more readers discover journal articles directly related to their interests and delivering more high quality visitors to scholarly content published by Ingenta’s partners.