Adding TrendMD to MyScienceWork brings an additional level of discoverability to the platform.

A unique suite of data-based services for researchers and institutions alike, MyScienceWork has partnered with TrendMD to expand the valuable services offered to their users. The partnership will enable users to discover valuable and relevant suggestions from over 3,600 publications in the TrendMD network while navigating the company’s 66 million research publications and patents.

Paul Kudlow, TrendMD’s Co-Founder and CEO, highlights the bi-directional value of partnerships: “Partnering with a platform like MyScienceWork enables their users to discover related material, while bringing a new population of engaged readers to the network. Having MyScienceWork in the network enhances the user experience for all TrendMD users, including those engaging with the widget on the MyScienceWork platform.”

Virginie Simon, CEO and Co-Founder of MyScienceWork adds: "We are delighted by this partnership with TrendMD which allow both our visitors and users to discover content from other sources. As the development of our data science service SIRIUS continues, new barriers between services should fall down to facilitate data flows between organizations and corporations."

Find TrendMD in the right sidebar of MyScienceWork article pages.

About MyScienceWork

MyScienceWork provides a unique suite of data-based services for research:

Sirius – Data Science Services Applied to Real Science:
We analyze one of the largest database of research content: 60 million research publications and 6 million patents ( The main Sirius services are: reports of current research, dashboards to monitor a research institution or field, and competitive analysis of organizations for merge or partnerships.

Polaris – Turnkey Platform for the Promotion and Monitoring of Research:
Research institutions use Polaris to increase the visibility of their research and scientists while accessing a centralized dashboard to monitor the evolution and impact of their research activities. - Freemium discovery platform for all science
The platform aggregates research related content from multiple web sources, partnerships with publishers and integration with other services to offer individuals (researchers, engineers, etc.) with access to one of the largest online scientific database of publications and research profiles. also provides 1 million monthly users with collaborative features to shares and discuss science.

About TrendMD

TrendMD is the leading content recommendation engine for scholarly content, which provides a means for serendipitous discovery of relevant content, created with the intention of connecting the right content to the right audience. TrendMD offers a simple and effective marketing solution to the problem of attracting new audiences and building an engaged readership for publishers, brands, and agencies. By providing relevant recommendations while readers are already in a research and content discovery mindset, TrendMD is able to deliver engaged readers throughout our network of over 3,300 journals from top publishers including Elsevier, AAAS, BMJ, Brill, and PNAS. | Twitter: @TrendMD

Media Contacts

TrendMD: Danielle Toccalino, Account Manager

MyScienceWork: Laurence Bianchini, Strategic Partnerships
For global inquiries: [email protected]