After an initial pilot, the full suite of the Royal Society’s publications are joining the TrendMD network.

With an interest in minimizing the time readers have to spend to find other relevant content, the Royal Society is using TrendMD to help their readers find what to read next. The rollout of TrendMD across the Royal Society's portfolio follows a successful trial on Royal Society Open Science, and adds tens of thousands of additional scientific articles to the TrendMD network, from some of the longest established and most prestigious scientific journals in the world.

Founded in 1665, the society is host to 9 peer reviewed journals which cover the full breadth of the biological, physical and multidisciplinary sciences, as well as 2 history of science titles. The addition of these journals adds high quality content to the network, increasing the diversity of content that can be recommend to readers. It further allows us to continue to improve our industry-leading further reading recommendations across all scholarly disciplines, giving readers highly focused and personalised suggestions for what they may wish to read next.

TrendMD's network, now supported by all the leading publishing technology platforms, provides publishers with an unparalleled way to reach a new audience and to make articles more discoverable by the readers who are most likely to find them of interest. As our network grows, the quality and diversity of recommendations increases - meaning we are better able to direct readers to the articles they will want to read next while bringing publishers engaged readers from an ever increasing network of high quality publications.