How collaborative filtering and smart recommendations help connect readers and publishers.

For over a decade, influencers and thought leaders in academic publishing have met at the Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) conference to discuss the future of academic and scientific publishing. This year was no exception. With keynotes from Springer Nature, Elsevier, and AAAS/Science, topics ranged from research integrity to achieving Open Access 2020, from peer review standards to online publishing innovations.

Matt Cockerill, Director of Partnerships at TrendMD, joined the conversation. In a 15 minute presentation, he highlighted how recommended content generated by collaborative filtering enhances the research process by helping readers find relevant content in an ever expanding body of scholarly publishing. TrendMD in particular is helping this cause by providing recommendations to journal content across a network of leading scholarly sites.
See what else he had to say (and a sneak peak at an upcoming paper) below.

What do penguins have in common with academic publishing? Find out at minute 2:34.

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The 2017 APE conference, "Publishing Ethics: Doing the Right Thing - Doing Things Right", was held January 17-18 in Berlin. See more videos from this event here.